When your debts are overwhelming, our attorneys offer effective and affordable bankruptcy representation in chapter 7, chapter 13, and chapter 11.  We can stop foreclosures, garnishments, and tax levies.  We can retrieve repossessed vehicles.  We can halt harassing telephone calls and threatening collection letters.  We can eliminate medical and credit card debt.  We can obtain a discharge of old tax debt from the IRS or the state.  Whatever the need, we can give you the fresh start under bankruptcy you deserve.  And to help you afford this bankruptcy representation, we offer reasonable payment plans based on your financial circumstances.

If you are an individual, we understand the difficult financial situations you may face.  You may be sinking in medical debt for reasons out of your control. You may have accumulated credit card debt that is beyond your ability to pay.  You or your spouse may have lost a job.  You may have experienced a divorce or a death in the family.  Whatever the cause, it hurts when you lose income or face increased expenses you cannot afford to pay.

As an individual, you may need to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy to seek a discharge of all or most debts.  Or you may need to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to make monthly installments through a confirmed plan for delinquent mortgage, vehicle, or tax debt.  Or, if your debts are extremely large and complex, you may need to file an individual chapter 11 bankruptcy.

If you operate a business, we understand the difficult financial situations you may face.  We know how cash flow crises impact your business.  We know how delinquent loans and tax liabilities strangle your working capital.  We know the trauma in having to lay off loyal employees.  We now how hard it is to operate a business when your suppliers have cut off your credit.  Whatever the cause, operating a business under these circumstances is challenging and scary.

As a business, you may need to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy to ensure an orderly liquidation of your assets.  Or, to reorganize your business, you may need to file a chapter 11 bankruptcy.

If you are a lender, we understand the difficult choices you may face.  If your customer is unable to make timely payments on a loan, you have to take action.  Whether you need to obtain relief from the automatic stay to recover collateral or an exception from discharge for fraudulently obtained credit, we can represent your interests in bankruptcy court.

For dedicated and focused bankruptcy representation under whatever circumstances, contact any of our experienced attorneys who specialize in this area of practice:

Mark A. Black